Treatments for body and mind

Emotional and environmental factors leave a mark on our body. Elle est Belle’s medical-aesthetic and beauty body treatments, and our manual therapies are totally personalized to the needs of each person, to achieve long-lasting results and an optimum sense of well-being.

Anti-cellulite and firming treatments

Treatments aesthetic medicine and body aesthetics to combat stretch marks, flaccidity, cellulite and orange peel skin.

Reshape and remodel the body

New generation equipment that allows to reaffirm and reshape, eliminating fat and cellulite, with the combined use of photobioestimulation by LEDs, subdermal massage and radiofrequency.

Green coffee

With the active ingredient chlorogenic acid, it helps to stimulate the release of fat, eliminates toxins, reaffirms, moisturizes and rejuvenates. Treatment that works by reducing volume and cellulite in an effective way.

Stem cells

Body treatment indicated in cases of cellulite, lack of elasticity or aging of the skin. Decomposes fat cells and combats orange peel skin. Provides deep hydration and restores shine to the skin.

Body treatments

Aesthetic body treatments: remodel, redefine, reduce, re-firm … With the latest technology and highest quality body cosmetics brands.

Specialty ritual Elle est Belle

Facial and body fusion. Exfoliation, body wrapping and hydration with mandarin-mango essential oils. Facial treatment with personalized product.

Body treatment with fruit extracts

Body treatment with exfoliation, wrapping and hydration based on Mandarin-Mango or Papaya-Pineapple. Cell rejuvenator. Based on sea salt and fruit extracts rich in vitamin A to achieve a deep hydration, nourishing and oxygenating the skin and restoring its elasticity.

Lumafirm treatment

Firming body treatment with lyophilized technology to restore skin’s radiance with immediate effect. Recommended for any type of skin and special occasions.

Silk skin exfoliation

Body scrub to taste. Mandarin-hand, peppermint or lavender, with final hydration.

Hair removal services

Diode Laser Hair Removal or traditional method of legs, groin, armpits, pubis, arms and back.

Manual therapies

Massages and body treatments from the hands of professionals with extensive experience. Own and effective methodology!

Therapeutic massage

Deep, personalized massage with kneading, pressures, mobilizations and stretching in areas of tension or pain.

Local therapeutic massage

Personalized massage adapted to a specific area of ​​tension or pain (back, legs, joints, …).

Sports massage

Deep massage focused on the client’s need. Optimizes and regulates muscle performance, especially in areas of higher stress.


It uses emotional, mental, energetic or physical stress release techniques. From a holistic view, energy imbalances caused by physical, emotional or personal factors are observed.

Relaxing massage

Aromatic massage indicated especially in cases of stress and emotional stress. It relaxes the nervous system and calms the mind.

Zen massage

Relaxing massage with pressures on points of meridians in the neck, head and face. It works by relaxing the nervous system. It brings calm and tranquility.

Thai massage

Sequence of pressure on meridian points, mobilizations, stretching and stimulation in order to eliminate toxins and stimulate the Qi.

Manual lymphatic drainage

Massage of slow, smooth and rhythmic movements that acts directly on the lymphatic system, responsible for eliminating toxins and activating the immune system.

Foot or facial reflexotherapy

Pressures in certain reflex points connected with the organs. It provides both physical and energetic and psychological benefits.

Hotstones therapy

Based on an old Native American technique, it reduces tension, decreases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism.
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