Celebrate the weekend with us!

Celebrate the weekend with us!

We celebrate the weekend with you … If you visit us on Friday or Saturday to do some beauty or wellness treatment in our center, we give away a free glass of fresh champagne (Cava)!

We celebrate autumn, we celebrate winter, and we celebrate that you have decided to take care of yourself!

Valid until Christmas 2019.

Promotions autumn-winter 2019

Promotions autumn-winter 2019

Discover our special promotions of autumn-winter 2019 and…

¡Save up to 30% off the regular price!

We love the autumn and enjoy the chilly days of winter. But… our skin suffers and needs some extra care! Discover our special promotional packs for autumn-winter 2019 and allow yourself a radiant face!

Pack facial firming

Recover collagen and firmness:

  • 1x E-Two radiofrecuency treatment
  • 1x Mask Oxy-vital
  • 1x Pressotherapy 15min. FREE
Special price:

120 €

(value without promotion: 175 €)

Pack facial health

Improve your facial health:

  • 1x LED Medical, personalized treatment for each skin
  • 1x Mascarilla Oxy-vital
  • 1x Sesión de presoterapia 15min. GRATIS
Special price:

100 €

(value without promotion: 150 €)

Pack facial express

Facial hydration express:

  • Express treatment Esthederm:
    Peeling, cream & mask
Special price:

35 €


Thermage: skin rejuvenation

Thermage: skin rejuvenation

Thermage: during July and August, in Elle est Belle

During the months of July and August we once again have the Thermage medical-aesthetic equipment, the latest in skin rejuvenation.

Based on radiofrequency technology with immediate results that increase over the weeks, Thermage achieves a long-lasting lifting effect without surgery, both on the face and on the body.

Say goodbye to this dull skin tone, welcome to a luminous and firm face and body!

For more information, visit our Thermage page here.

Open doors: medical aesthetic treatments

Open doors: medical aesthetic treatments

Free consultation of aesthetic medical treatments by Dr. Adriana Ribé.

Next Thursday, June 14, 2018 from 13.00 to 20.00 we will have in our center the prestigious Dr. Adriana Ribé, with all the latest developments in aesthetic medicine (eg Botox, stains, hyaluronic acid, gold threads, mesotherapy …).

The doctor will perform a free and no-obligation recognition to inform you about the most appropriate treatment for your skin or problem.

Reserve your consultation (limited places) in our center or phone 972 819 896.

Open doors: Pevonia

Open doors: Pevonia

¡Open doors: special on Pevonia!

We invite you to come to the open day at our center on June 21st. During the whole day, a Pevonia specialist will perform an examination of your skin and we will give you an express facial treatment of about 30-45 minutes.

Pevonia is an innovative brand of natural cosmetics with a wide range of facial and body treatments. In addition, it is the favorite brand of many celebrities …
What are you waiting to try it out yourself?

Promotion valid 21st June 2018, from 10 AM to 20 PM.
We look forward to seeing you!

Promotions spring-summer 2018

Promotions spring-summer 2018

Discover our special promotions of spring-summer 2018 and…

¡Save up to 30% off the regular price!

Facial # 01

4 sessions of 60 minutos:

  • 1x Facial hygiene
  • 2x Anti-Age Treatment
  • 1x E-Two fractional radiofrequency

196 €

(regular price: 280 €)

Facial # 02

1 session, 70 minutess:

  • 1x Japanese lifting, Kobido
  • 1x Express facial conditioning with vitamins and mask, customized

60 €

(regular price: 85 €)


1 session, 100 minutes (1h 40m):

  • 1x Body scrub, sugar scrub with natural hydration, with argan oil and botanical extracts.
  • 1x Zen massage in areas of scapular waist, neck, face and skull

70 €

(regular price: 100 €)

Hands, feet & hair

1 session, 3 hours:

  • 1x Semi-permanent manicure
  • 1x Semi-Permanent Pedicure
  • 1x Custom hair treatment

88 €

(regular price: 98 €)

Facial & hair

1 session, 90 minutes:

  • 1x Facial hygiene or hydration
  • 1x Hair treatment

63 €

(regular price: 90 €)

Facial and local massage

1 session, 90 minutes:

  • 1x Facial treatment
  • 1x Relaxing back massage
    (optional reflexology massage)

70 €

(regular price: 100 €)