Facial beauty

Facial aesthetics and beauty treatments

Firming treatment

Aesthetic medical treatments with RF (radiofrequency) technology, IR (infrared) or LED light to reaffirm and / or reshape the face.

Rejuvenation treatment

Treatments of aesthetic medicine for the rejuvenation of the face. Reduces wrinkles and expression lines, achieves a more harmonious skin tone and gives a more luminous appearance to the face.


Anti-ageing treatment

Indicated for people from the age of 30 and above who wanted to attend the first signs of age and wrinkles of expression. The face relaxes, the wrinkles are attenuated and refilled. The treatment is carried out with personalized product: hyaluronic, micro retinol, glycolic, collagen, vitamin C, …

Facial hygiene

Ultrasonic spatula treatment, a new technique to achieve a deep cleansing of the skin. The waves generated with this technique do not cause discomfort, marks or redness. The skin remains fresh, luminous and renewed.

Facial hydratation

Treatment that contributes to stressed, apathetic, fatigued and devitalized skin the vitamins, the nutrients and the energy source necessary for a healthy skin.

Facial japanese lifting

Deep massage in the facial and cranial musculature. Rejuvenation treatment of facial skin, with biological shea butter. The face will look more firm and vital.

Lumafirm treatment

The Lumafirm treatment formulated with the latest in lyophilized technology to restore the luminosity of the skin, with immediate and cumulative effect over time. Special to wear an enviable skin.

Premium treatment

Everything that is craved in the skin – nutrition, light, firmness, vigor … – thanks to the 24k Gold treatment, elixir of beauty and youth.

Hair removal services

Diode laser hair removal or traditional hair removal method for eyebrows, upper or lower lip.