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Initio Parfums author fragrances

A story of olfactory passion that connects with emotions

In Elle est Belle we have been totally impregnated with Initio Parfums, a new line of author fragrances that reveals our most sensual part.

Created from natural ingredients such as feromoral molecules, moss, ambergris, sandalwood, Madagascar vanilla, coffee or myrrh, an Initio perfume awakens and amplifies our instincts linked to pleasure. They create attraction and seduction, and connect with the power of nature. They inspire discovering our interior …

A total of 11 exclusive perfumes in 3 collections:

Magnetic: Magnetism amplifiers. Fragrances that blend with the natural smell of our body to exalt and create a chemical compound capable of revealing and amplifying the luminosity, magnetism and sexual attraction of each person. They contain 2 natural raw materials that act as pheromones and unconsciously generate an emotional reaction: moss and ambergris, the most aphrodisiac substances known since the nights of time.

Carnal blend: guided by scent. A collection capable of igniting fantasy, with attractive carnal notes, powerful and unique pairings, and celebrating transgressive compositions that have the power to awaken pleasure, to rekindle physical attraction. Composed of uncompromising fragrances, rich in hedione, a name derived from the Greek “Hedon” which means pleasure, a floral compound present in the heart notes of Magnolia and Jasmine that gives lightness to any composition. Studies conducted by a team of German researchers have shown that hedione activates a region of the brain responsible for pleasure and intensifying libido.

The Absolutes: Perfumes that create dependency. The The Absolutes collection is the result of the correct association and the perfect dosage of the raw materials used in each composition, to create and obtain the desired effect. Essences that leave memories and cause effects ranging from aphrodisiacs to vibrant, from feeling of strength and power to pure dependence.

With your own identity: create your own, unique perfume

Initio perfumes have the possibility of overlapping to create your own unique perfume: its ingredients combine perfectly and sum up sensations, creating a unique perfume that reflects the deepest of each person.

Ask for more information about suggested combinations, or experiment to your liking!

“I wanted to create a completely new dependence, the taste of a fragrance that leaves an indelible mark on the mind and the body. The will to get lost in pleasures again and again. A perfume that enslaves who takes it and who chooses it “

These are the words of the artistic director of the INITIO brand.