Winter 2024 Promotion: Face Pack

Winter 2024 Promotion: Face Pack

Winter promotion: pack of 3 facial treatments with a 25% discount!

Prepare and protect your skin against the cold of winter and the dry environment of heating.

We propose a complete pack of 3 treatments from the best professionals, to take care of the skin of your face:

  1. Facial hygiene
  2. Peeling PRX
  3. Personalized anti-aging treatment

Price: €217 (rate without promotion: €290).

Valid until March 20, 2024.

Winter discount promotion 2022

Winter discount promotion 2022

Do you want a radiant looking winter with an interesting discount?

During the months of January and February 2022 you can benefit from a 20% discount on most of our treatments.

After the holidays and with a few cold months still ahead that can be hard on the skin, it’s time to take care of yourself and get ready for spring.

To help you on the famous January slope, at Elle est Belle we offer you a 20% discount on all our aesthetic and medical-aesthetic treatments, with the exception of manicures, pedicures and waxing.

Don’t think twice, try out now our treatments to strengthen flaccid skin, reduce stretch marks or cellulite, or let us work on these little wrinkles now that the sun doesn’t burn!

Validity: until end of February 2022

Presotherapy promotion december 2021

Presotherapy promotion december 2021

¿Ya conoces los beneficios de la presoterapia?

Durante el mes de diciembre 2021 podrás descubrirlo a un precio muy especial: comprando un pack de 10 sesiones, la sesión te sale a tan sólo 30€.

¿Te explicamos qué hace la presoterapia?

La presoterapia es una técnica que se basa en la aplicación de un masaje mediante presión controlada, continua o alterna. Estos masajes se aplican en diferentes partes del cuerpo de forma natural y relajante para mejorar la circulación en las extremidades.

Con ello, se estimula el sistema linfático y el retorno venoso. Un mejor funcionamiento del sistema linfático reduce el riesgo de estancamiento de las toxinas y sustancias de desecho, responsables (entre otros) de la formación de celulitis.

¿Entonces, cuales son los beneficios de la presoterapia?

El beneficio más conocido del tratamiento con presoterapia, es quizás la reducción de celulitis.

Sin embargo, la presoterapia tiene muchísimos más beneficios:

  • mejora la circulación sanguínea y linfática,
  • ayuda en la reducción de retención de líquidos y en la reducción de varices,
  • moldea la figura,
  • reduce edemas,
  • da alivio y descanso a las piernas cansadas y doloridas….

En Elle est Belle trabajamos con las marcas más reconocidas y probadas del mercado, para optimizar los resultados de cada tratamiento.

¿Te ha convencido?

¡Llámanos para pedir ya tu pack de 10 horas ;-)!

  • tarifa habitual: 40€/sesión
  • promoción diciembre 2021: pack de 10 sesiones a 30€/sesión (25% de descuento!)
Holidays and Christmas promotion 2020

Holidays and Christmas promotion 2020

¡Shine these holidays!

From December 15 to January 10 we have a promotion for packs of 10% discount in all aesthetic and hair treatments (with the exception of lasers and treatments performed by a doctor or nurse).

¿Some hints and tips?

For your hair we recommend our deep repair hair treatment with “BY M.A.G.”. You relax with a body treatment 24K Gold and we will make you shine even more with a Lumafirm facial aesthetic treatment or with stem cells.

Sounds like a good plan doesn’t it?

Call us to request your time now ;-)!

Holidays and Christmas promotion 2020

Celebrate the weekend with us! Copy Copy

We celebrate the weekend with you … If you visit us on Friday or Saturday to do some beauty or wellness treatment in our center, we give away a free glass of fresh champagne (Cava)!

We celebrate autumn, we celebrate winter, and we celebrate that you have decided to take care of yourself!

Valid until Christmas 2019.

Promotions autumn-winter 2019

Promotions autumn-winter 2019

Discover our special promotions of autumn-winter 2019 and…

¡Save up to 30% off the regular price!

We love the autumn and enjoy the chilly days of winter. But… our skin suffers and needs some extra care! Discover our special promotional packs for autumn-winter 2019 and allow yourself a radiant face!

Pack facial firming

Recover collagen and firmness:

  • 1x E-Two radiofrecuency treatment
  • 1x Mask Oxy-vital
  • 1x Pressotherapy 15min. FREE
Special price:

120 €

(value without promotion: 175 €)

Pack facial health

Improve your facial health:

  • 1x LED Medical, personalized treatment for each skin
  • 1x Mascarilla Oxy-vital
  • 1x Sesión de presoterapia 15min. GRATIS
Special price:

100 €

(value without promotion: 150 €)

Pack facial express

Facial hydration express:

  • Express treatment Esthederm:
    Peeling, cream & mask
Special price:

35 €