Tratamiento facial y corporal "Caprices d'Or"

24k Gold treatment

“Caprice d’or” of the Selvert house is a luxurious facial or body cabin treatment. It is a regenerator and anti-wrinkle with active jewels like Gold, Pearl and Diamond. It blends the wrinkle at the same time as it brings reaffirmation and great luminosity in the skin from the first session.

External causes besides the physiological ones attack our skin day by day, unprotecting, damaging and aging it.

Among the physiological causes that cause skin aging are

  • Decreased sebaceous and sweat glands, leaving skin unprotected
  • The reduction of the density of the three skin layers caused by the decrease of cellular regeneration
  • The decrease of estrogens in our body during the menopause, accelerating even more the skin aging

    These causes, coupled with external causes such as sun rays, tobacco and alcohol consumption, poor nutrition or hydration and many other factors, devitalize the skin by damaging and slowly wilt.

    24k Soin d’Or is a tailor-made luxury treatment for those skins that want to shine on a special occasion or need to recover youth, giving them a sophisticated life, light, smoothness and richness that the skin may need.

    The treatment includes the application of small gold sheets, which by a gentle massage with the Concentré d’Or merge with the skin.

Facial or body treatment Gold 24K

A real luxury to make you shine! Watch videos of Selvert Thermal to see his application.