Japanese facial lifting

Japanese facial lifting

Based on a natural and non-invasive method, it is a type of deep facial and cranial massage that, among other things, firms and tones the muscles of the face, improving the appearance of the skin.

What is the Japanese facelift?

With the application of the shea butter and deep massage, it tones the face, strengthens the facial physiognomy and improves its appearance by increasing blood flow, lymphatic drainage and the increase of collagen and elastin, essential factors for healthy skin. It deeply works the upper layer of the epidermis and facial nerves, balances the central nervous system and achieves a balance between face and body.

Benefits of the Japanese facelift

  • Maintains firm facial muscles avoiding the appearance of fine lines
  • The complexion of your face will look bright, smooth and vital
  • Reduces stress and frees the body from some stress