Ultrasonic spatula

An innovative technique for mesotherapy and the "ultrapeeling"

Ultrasonic spatula

The ultrasonic spatula is a novel technique to achieve a deep cleansing of the skin. The waves generated by the spatula, together with the ANESI Degreasing Lotion applied to the skin, produce an aerosolization effect (bubbles of air) that lasts for a few seconds and lifts and drags all the dirt, both deep and superficial. It is performed in less time than traditional hygiene, without causing discomfort, marks or redness to the customer.

The movement of the ultrasonic spatula generates a heat during the treatment that activates the intra-cellular response, enzymes and catalysis necessary for the proper functioning of the cells. It improves penetration of the active ingredients of the skin, with lasting results. After removal of the corneal epidermis, the skin remains fresh, luminous and renewed, offering better conditions for the production of collagen and elastine.

In summary, the ultrasonic spatula

  • Deep cleans the skin mechanically
  • Remove the dirt
  • Renews and stimulates the skin