Etherea : laser and pulsed light

Etherea : laser and pulsed light

Ethereal : laser and pulsed light


Medical-aesthetic IPL laser treatment to improve skin structure and appearance


ETHEREA-MX® can perform a wide range of aesthetic medicine procedures based on laser and pulsed light.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses light energy to act on the deeper layers of the skin to gradually improve skin tone and texture. In this way it helps to eliminate irregularities, undesirable structures, dark spots and skin pigmentation spots.

The effectiveness of ETHEREA-MX® lies in the multiple technologies that accompany it, allowing treatments to be performed with multiple intensities, according to the needs of each patient.

Although treatments can be performed throughout the year, some treatments are safer during winter and autumn, as these are the months when we are less exposed to solar radiation.

Among the multiple treatments with Etherea are:

  • Photo-rejuvenation: stimulation for skin regeneration and collagen formation
  • Fractional resurfacing: skin rejuvenation treatment, eliminating deep wrinkles and skin lesions.
  • Non-speech fractional rejuvenation: minimally invasive skin remodeling and activation of skin regeneration.
  • Treatment of pigmented lesions: treatment for lightening and removal of pigmented lesions (melasma, nevus of Ota, melanocytic nevus, café au lait spots, nevus spilus …).
  • Treatment of vascular lesions: removal of vascular lesions, such as spider veins, telangiectasias, couperose, congenital spots, angiomas, pink stretch marks, warts, scars…
  • Acne treatment: effective treatment against active lesions and scarring caused by acne
  • Photoepilation: Laser hair removal for all skin types

Depending on the intensity of the treatment, your skin may show some swelling or redness, and may need a few days to return to its normal appearance. Our team will inform you about post-treatment care.

Etherea IPL laser treatment:

Still curious about what an Ethereal treatment can do? Watch the videos and talk to our team.

  • Photorejuvenation
  • Reduction of expression lines and wrinkles
  • Stain reduction
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Fractional resurfacing
  • Fractional non-ablative rejuvenation
  • Reduction of skin redness
  • Psoriasis control
  • Tattoo removal
  • Pigmentations
  • Superficial lesions
  • Vascular
  • Hair removal
  • Melasma
  • Acne treatment
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Snoring

Velashape III | firms and reshapes

Velashape III | firms and reshapes

Velashape III

Velashape III

This medical equipment is the most appropriate state-of-the-art system of the moment to treat cellulite, fat, firming and remodeling of the body contour.

It brings together four technologies at once.

  1. Infrared: reduce fat
  2. Radio frequency: smooth / firm the skin
  3. Vacuum: mobilizes tissue and activates blood and lymphatic circulation
  4. Roller: reshapes and improves skin texture

Velashape III combines these technologies at the same time to apply heat to the tissues precisely up to 3mm and 15mm deep.

In this way, deep heating occurs in the fat cells, the surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. The optimal design of Velashape III electrodes allows heat to quickly penetrate deep into the skin, dissolving fat and at the same time, regenerating and firming the tissue.


  • cellulitis
  • localized fat
  • reaffirms, reshapes and reduces volume

Velashape has visible results immediately after the treatment, thanks to its deep stimulation.

Its remains active over time.

Led Medical | facial, body and hair biostimulation

Led Medical | facial, body and hair biostimulation

Led Medical

Led Medical

Led Medical is a photodynamic therapy and treatment of facial, body and capillary biostimulation.

It is a device of low intensity laser aesthetic medicine. It emits light at different frequencies to treat different skin problems.

Led Medical takes advantage of the natural biological effects of light to repair and stimulate cells.

The LED visible light technology has direct action on the skin, with different actions depending on the color they emit:

  • Red: Stimulates collagen. Renew cells, has anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect. Stimulates hair growth. Reduce hyperpigmentation. Minimizes minor scars. It reduces pore size and is anti-inflammatory.
  • Yellow: Activates blood and lymphatic circulation. Reduces swelling, inflammation and redness (rosacea). Soothe sunburn.
  • Green: Increases the tone of collagen fibers. Accelerates wound healing. Alleviates pain.
  • Blue: It reduces the bacteria responsible for 90% of the factors that contribute to acne. Regulates the sebaceous glands. Purifies and soothes oily and acneic skin.

For optimal results, the Led Medical light is combined with a treatment adapted to the specific need of each skin. For example, it is combined with a peel, a vitamin complex and / or a mask. The result is appreciated from the first session.

Led Medical is a device that uses low intensity light emitting diodes capable of emitting light similar to that of the sun, but suppressing ultraviolet rays. The different therapies are identified by four colors in their emission; Red, blue, yellow and green.

E-Two | facial and body rejuvenation

E-Two | facial and body rejuvenation

E-Two facial and body rejuvenation

E-Two facial and body rejuvenationl

E-Two combina las aplicaciones Sublime y Sublative, únicas para el rejuvenecimiento facial y corporal integral. 

Sublime TM utiliza la combinación de los niveles seguros y efectivos de energías de luz infrarroja y radiofrecuencia (RF) bipolar para remodelar la capa profunda de la dermis cutánea mediante la estimulación del crecimiento de colágeno nuevo.

El tratamiento facial con E-two proporciona una amplia gama de beneficios:

  • Reducción de arrugas finas y profundas
  • Mejora la textura de la piel
  • Mejora el tono y la laxitud. Reafirma.
  • Cicatrices y estrías
  • Regenera la piel. Da luminosidad.
  • Es seguro y eficaz para todo tipo de piel.

La calidad de la piel se observa mucho más suave y lisa en zona de arrugas en los ojos, frente y cuello. Gracias a la estimulación de colágeno se obtiene resultados de forma gradual y acumulativa desde el primer día.

E-Two Sublative TM fractional radiofrequency technology places effective heat energy in the upper dermis, where a significant increase in collagen and elastin can occur with minimal epidermal disruption.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

Hair removal with medical-aesthetical laser

Hair removal with medical-aesthetical laser

Diode Laser hair removal is one of the fastest and most effective aesthetic medicine treatments for the permanent removal of unwanted hair on the body and face.

The laser produces a beam of light with a specific wavelength, which crosses the different tissues until it reaches the hair follicle and destroys it. As each follicle is in a different phase of growth and different location, it will be necessary to repeat the process several times. In each session the elimination of approx. 30% follicles.

At Elle est Belle we work with the Laser Light Sheer, a medical-aesthetic device approved by the FDA (American Health organism) and endorsed by the most prestigious dermatologists in the world and by Harvard University. The device can perform different treatments for all types of skin phototype, thanks to its technology, which combines the appropriate wavelength with the energy level, the pulse duration and an optimal active cooling system.

At the moment, it is the most effective and safest system on the market, always operated by a specialized healthcare professional (D.U.E) to optimize the results.

The benefits, in summary: 

  • Treatments in 3 to 6 sessions, with one session every three months
  • Visible and lasting results from the first session
  • Price per session slightly more expensive, but the final treatment price is lower
  • Very good results supported by studies by the scientific community
  • FDA approved equipment

Laser hair removal is especially indicated for:

  • Solve folliculitis and furunculosis problems.
  • In case of hirsutism for the improvement of people’s self-esteem.
  • Improvement of the appearance and structure of the skin in the treated area.
  • Treatment to permanently remove the beauty for aesthetic improvement.
  • Fast and not necessarily painful technique.
  • Maximum results in the minimum number of sessions possible


Indications for diode laser hair removal:

  • Shaved 24 h. before treatment
  • In very blond or white hair the treatment is not effective
  • A lot of hydration the first hours after treatment with an ‘after sun’ or aloe vera
  • Use anesthetic cream in English and armpits
  • In the case of male clients, we recommend the use of an anesthetic cream
  • Do not sunbathe or UVA rays one month before treatment or up to two weeks later. The skin cannot be tanned on the day of the laser session
  • Do not shave with wax, or tweezers, or ‘silk epil’ one month before treatment
  • Not having done CO2 laser treatment in the area to be treated for the last 6 months
  • Between a month and a month and a half there will be no hair in the treated area. After that time the resting hair will come out which will be treated in the next session (at 3 months)
  • It doesn’t matter if the next session takes more than 3 months, but it can’t take less than 3 months between two sessions
  • After 7-10 days after the treatment the dead hair appears that will fall alone. It can be checked by pulling it with the nails (it is NOT a live hair). In the case of the legs it can take up to 20 days to fall and gives the feeling that it is live hair because it is very attached to the follicle
  • In younger patients the treatment is usually a little longer due to the great hormonal activity

Laser hair removal may have contraindications. Consult with our specialists before treatment.