Green coffee: slimming and eliminating cellulite

Green coffee: slimming and eliminating cellulite

Green Coffee

Discover the strength of the Green Coffee to lose weight and eliminate cellulite.

Green coffee: effective reductive and anti-cellulite treatment

Known are  algae, mud or even chocolate or wine wraps, but Elle est Belle Plus Femme works with Pevonia, always in continuous research to find the most cutting-edge formulations in high natural cosmeceutical, offering an innovative body treatment based on the Café Verde, with the products of the anti-cell line Nymphea.

The treatment of green coffee has the key active ingredient chlorogenic acid, which is found in a high concentration in unroasted green coffee beans. Once the fat cell (adipocyte) is reached, it activates a protein that helps stimulate the release of fat outside the adipocyte. There is usually an enzyme that prevents fat from being converted into energy. Chlorogenic acid inhibits this enzyme. Other active ingredients, such as algae, do not have the power to trigger this protein, so this treatment works by reducing volume and cellulite in a much more effective way.

The treatment is especially suitable for:    

  • Orange skin
  • Liquid retention, endema
  • Localized adiposity
  • Flaccidity
  • Bad circulation


  • Reduces adiposide and cellulite
  • Improvement of lymphatic circulation and venous return
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Regenerates and nourishes the skin
  • Improves skin elasticity

What does it consist of?

The treatment consists of the application of a coffee wrap that releases and eliminates toxins, reaffirms, hydrates, rejuvenates and promotes diuresis, after a 20-minute exposure throughout the body or in a localized area. This treatment can be supplemented with Activator Gel and Green Coffee Cream.

The latter product also has a format of Green Coffee cream for sale to the user, to be able to apply at home daily. In addition, to further enhance the reducing effect, it is also convenient to apply the Green Coffee Concentrate, which accelerates the detoxification process of the skin, activates the fat dissolution and converts it into energy, softening the orange peel.

It is a recommended treatment for all types of skins, leaving a pleasant sensation of relaxation and peace.

Lumafirm: immediate lifting effect

Lumafirm: immediate lifting effect


Firmness & luminosity; Immediate lifting effect


The professional Lumafirm treatment is for a radiant complexion and a redefined facial contour. It is formulated with the latest in lyophilized technology to restore luminosity to the skin, with immediate and cumulative effect over time. Recommended for any type of skin that shows signs of aging, or in a special occasion to get immediate results and look an enviable skin.

The high performance Lumafirm treatment gives the skin a visibly younger, brighter look and an unprecedented lifting effect.

  • Visibly softens wrinkles and skin texture
  • Reaffirms and tone
  • Diminishes dark circles and eye bags
  • Brightens
  • Repairs damage caused by the sun