Corrective treatment with stem cells

Corrective treatment with stem cells

Corrective treatment with stem cells

Corrective treatment with stem cells

The corrective treatment with vegetal stem cells is an intensive regenerative method of the skin, improving the thickness of the epidermal layer and increasing the content of hiularonic acid.

The facial treatment with Stem Cells is especially indicated for mature skin with very marked lines, with lack of elasticity and irregular tone. The treatment reduces visible wrinkles and improves elasticity. In addition, the entire line is responsible for maintaining the stem cells, that is to say they favor the regeneration in addition to lengthening the useful life of these cells.

The body treatment with Stem Cells is formulated exclusively to treat multiple skin concerns such as aging, cellulite, lack of elasticity or discoloration of the skin. With a pleasant aroma, the products of this line activate the circulation for a maximum absorption of the active principles and acceleration of the metabolic activity with the objective to decompose the fat cells and to finish with the skin of orange. In addition, they provide a deep hydration and return the shine to the skin.


Certain plant stem cells contain epigenetic factors similar to those of a human adult stem cell. Well formulated and applied correctly, they have a positive impact on the vitality of the skin stem cells. They can energize and protect them, thus improving their performance.

While the active principles of the extracts of the cultivated Stem Cells are absorbed by the skin, not only does cell proliferation occur, but also the skin is benefited by the direct effects of antioxidants, peptides, enzymes, growth factors, etc. … derived from the Stem Cells.

For this treatment we rely on the products of the brand Pevonia, which uses the stem cells of the Argan tree. It is the first active cosmetic capable of protecting and revitalizing human dermal stem cells.

Benefits of the facial treatment

  • Accelerated and visible reduction of wrinkles and improved elasticity.
  • Healthy increase of epidermal thickening.
  • Improves the structure of the extracellular matrix.
  • The skin can quickly reach a rejuvenated appearance and without irregularities.


  • It normalizes the activity of dermal Stem Cells, stimulating the growth and functions of fibroblasts.
  • Stimulates the densification of the matrix.
  • Epigenetics: preserves the vitality and renewal capacity of dermal cells.
  • Increases and strengthens hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin and other proteins.


  • Attenuates and reduces wrinkles.
  • Reinforces elasticity.
  • Increases hydration
  • Unifies skin tone.
Benefits of the body treatment
  • Total reshaping of the body.
  • Powerful anti-aging action.
  • Accelerated and visible reduction of orange peel and improvement of elasticity.
  • Smoothens the skin and instantly improves its texture.
  • Maintenance of the hydration of the skin.


  • Skin moisturized in depth.
  • Reduction of adiposity and cellulite.
  • Regeneration and nutrition of the skin.
  • Recovery of the luminosity of the skin.
  • Improvement of the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

24k Gold treatment

24k Gold treatment

Tratamiento facial y corporal "Caprices d'Or"

24k Gold treatment

“Caprice d’or” of the Selvert house is a luxurious facial or body cabin treatment. It is a regenerator and anti-wrinkle with active jewels like Gold, Pearl and Diamond. It blends the wrinkle at the same time as it brings reaffirmation and great luminosity in the skin from the first session.

External causes besides the physiological ones attack our skin day by day, unprotecting, damaging and aging it.

Among the physiological causes that cause skin aging are

  • Decreased sebaceous and sweat glands, leaving skin unprotected
  • The reduction of the density of the three skin layers caused by the decrease of cellular regeneration
  • The decrease of estrogens in our body during the menopause, accelerating even more the skin aging

    These causes, coupled with external causes such as sun rays, tobacco and alcohol consumption, poor nutrition or hydration and many other factors, devitalize the skin by damaging and slowly wilt.

    24k Soin d’Or is a tailor-made luxury treatment for those skins that want to shine on a special occasion or need to recover youth, giving them a sophisticated life, light, smoothness and richness that the skin may need.

    The treatment includes the application of small gold sheets, which by a gentle massage with the Concentré d’Or merge with the skin.

Facial or body treatment Gold 24K

A real luxury to make you shine! Watch videos of Selvert Thermal to see his application.

Ultrasonic spatula

Ultrasonic spatula

Ultrasonic spatula

An innovative technique for mesotherapy and the "ultrapeeling"

Ultrasonic spatula

The ultrasonic spatula is a novel technique to achieve a deep cleansing of the skin. The waves generated by the spatula, together with the ANESI Degreasing Lotion applied to the skin, produce an aerosolization effect (bubbles of air) that lasts for a few seconds and lifts and drags all the dirt, both deep and superficial. It is performed in less time than traditional hygiene, without causing discomfort, marks or redness to the customer.

The movement of the ultrasonic spatula generates a heat during the treatment that activates the intra-cellular response, enzymes and catalysis necessary for the proper functioning of the cells. It improves penetration of the active ingredients of the skin, with lasting results. After removal of the corneal epidermis, the skin remains fresh, luminous and renewed, offering better conditions for the production of collagen and elastine.

In summary, the ultrasonic spatula

  • Deep cleans the skin mechanically
  • Remove the dirt
  • Renews and stimulates the skin

Thermage: reduce flaccidity in a single session

Thermage: reduce flaccidity in a single session

Thermage: reaffirmation and skin profiling in a single session

Thermage: firming and profiling of the skin


Thermage treatments can help smooth, firm and deepen the skin to give it a younger overall look without surgery or injections. The method is very effective for both face and body.

  • With only one treatment: the improvement is usually evident immediately and can continue for up to 6 months afterwards.
  • The method causes very little or no convalescence. After treatment you can quickly return to your daily activities.
  • For any skin color: unlike lasers, Thermage treatments allow to treat any type and color of skin.
  • It can be performed throughout the year: after a Thermage treatment, it is not necessary to avoid the sun, as in laser treatments.

At present, Elle est Belle is the only beauty center in Girona and the Costa Brava that works with the exclusive Thermage method.

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Thermage for the face

Thermage is especially suitable for the face, with very good sagging reduction results in the area of the chin, eyes and lips, obtaining a more contoured profile, a skin that makes less eye bags and a younger look.


Thermage for the body

For body use Thermage is suitable for skins with signs of aging or for people who have lost weight and who find it difficult to regain their shape. The method obtains good results in smoothing and reaffirmation of the skin and the profiling and modeling of thighs, arms, buttocks and abdomen.