Winter 2024 Promotion: Face Pack

Winter 2024 Promotion: Face Pack

Winter promotion: pack of 3 facial treatments with a 25% discount!

Prepare and protect your skin against the cold of winter and the dry environment of heating.

We propose a complete pack of 3 treatments from the best professionals, to take care of the skin of your face:

  1. Facial hygiene
  2. Peeling PRX
  3. Personalized anti-aging treatment

Price: €217 (rate without promotion: €290).

Valid until March 20, 2024.

T-Shape: open doors

T-Shape: open doors

Open house sessions “T-Shape” 05 & 12th May ’17:

Come and do a free trial and evaluation with a T-Shape specialist, our new body reshaping and facial rejuvenation treatment.

If you like the experience and decide during your test visit follow the treatment, you will get a 30% discount !.

T-Shape is a new generation equipment that allows you to reshape your face and redefine your face thanks to its three technologies that can work in a simulated and independent way: LEDS-stimulation, subdermal massage and radiofrequency (Bipolar and Multipolar). Among the benefits of this treatment are the effective treatment of cellulite, reduce the volume in areas of the body, redefine the face and get a facelift effect.

Call us to book your test session!

When: 05 and 12 May 2017
Hours: 10am – 8pm
Where: Elle Est Belle Plus Femme Platja d’Aro, tel 972819896